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Before Your Appointment

If you chose not to add a wash and blow dry to your service, please have your hair freshly washed, detangled, and blow dried straight prior to your appointment. If you are natural like myself and use little to no heat on your hair an air dry will suffice, but please have your hair completely detangled/combed out. For feed-in braids your hair MUST be blow dried, no exceptions. You will have to reschedule if your scalp is not healthy, or if your hair has too much product build up. Braiding on clean hair promotes the longevity of the style and creates a flawless foundation for your braids. Also, please make sure you look through MY work prior to your appointment. Make sure you are satisfied with the size of the braids and/or parting. If you want anything other than how I would typically do a style, we will need to discuss this prior to your appointment.  

Braiding Hair Suggestions

Here is a picture of some of my favorite braiding hair brands. Beauty supply stores typically carry different products so please be sure to contact them prior to visiting to be sure they have what you are looking for. Also make sure you are getting the correct length for the style you booked. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 

After Your Appointment

To prevent frizz or dryness, wrap your hair every night before bed. You can use a du-rag, hair scarf, or a bonnet like pictured. For my ladies who like the long braids they sell extra large bonnets as well. It is also a great idea to moisturize your hair every few days with a good oil (I prefer castor oil) while it is braided. You don't want your hair to have too much breakage as a result of being too dry once you take your braids down. 

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