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This is a great place to insert a brief description of the product you are selling. You can also share information such as "Shipping Details" and "Return Policy" with your customers in this section.

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I am so happy you chose TDMH Media for your digital marketing needs. Now I just need detailed information on how you would like your custom flyer to look. Include the following information to the right:

Size(specific dimensions or FB/Instagram story, FB/Instagram story post) Logo, inspiration photos if you have any, color scheme (three main colors you want) hard deadline, email address, and phone number. Lastly, do you prefer email or text communication? 

Once full payment is received I will begin working on your project and a draft will be texted or emailed to you. Please respond at soon as you can so if any revisions are needed your project can still be completed in a timely manner. 


Email Address*



Full payment needs to be received before the project can begin. If you have any questions before purchasing, please feel free to ask beforehand. 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

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