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TDMH Membership

I wanted to create something for my loyal and new clientele who are consistently getting their hair braided.  Your support and loyalty is appreciated and now there are options where you can add even more perks to your TDMH experience. The membership is perfect for you if you like to save money, grow your hair out, retain length, or just simply likes to keep your hair braided. There's three different tiers of membership to give you the best option for your pockets and hair braiding needs. If you have any questions regarding the new membership, please do not hesitate to text me at 480-273-4855. There is also terms and conditions that can be found towards the bottom of this page. 

Service Prices

Compare my membership packages and find your best fit!

Silver Membership


Per Month

Good for saving

10% off every style 

Priority on waitlist

Gold Membership


Per Month

Great for General Upkeep

15% off every style

Access to Sunday and Monday appts 

Priority on waitlist

Platinum Membership


Per Month

Best offer

20% off every style

Access to Sunday and Monday appts

Hair included with EVERY style, & 1 free box braid touch up

Access to evening appts, priority on waitlist


Terms & Conditions

  • You can stop the membership at any time.
  • Membership can not be used by more than one party.
  • Must purchase membership using legal name and billing information.
  • Membership fees must be paid online
  • Membership fees will be due on the same day of purchase each month
    • exp: if you purchase your membership on the fourth of July, your next payment would be on the fourth of August and so on.

  • There are no refunds on the memberships. Once you cancel a membership, you will still have access to the benefits until the end of that billing cycle.
  • It is your responsibility to book your appointments to get on the schedule.
  • A membership DOES NOT guarantee you an appointment at your convenience or a guaranteed spot to get squeezed into my schedule, but I will do the best that I can do to get you in. 
  • Platinum membership includes one free box braid touch up. The touch up includes the front two rows of your braids ONLY. The rows must be taken down prior to your appt, or you will have to reschedule. 
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